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Reflections from Fr. Lawrence Farley

About two weeks ago I issued an extraordinary personal appeal through this blog asking for the support necessary to meet an unprecedented financial need, as our parish of St. Herman’s Church in Langley, B.C. struggled to meet a huge and unforeseen challenge in completing our building programme and erecting a new temple.  I am happy, relieved, and (truth to tell) more than a little surprised to report that, thanks to the extraordinary generosity of many, many people inside our parish and outside, the goal we set has been met.

In a word, thanks to the prayers and donations (of which some donations are still incoming) we are in the process of meeting this financial need.  Those who know me (or read my work) will witness that I am rarely at a loss for words.  Nonetheless the kindness and generosity of so many have indeed left me a bit speechless.  All I can do is to offer my hearty and heart-felt gratitude to all who have prayed, shared, and given.  May our bountiful Lord reward you abundantly in this age and in the age to come!

Fr. Lawrence Farley

About Fr. Lawrence Farley

Fr. Lawrence serves as pastor of St. Herman's Orthodox Church in Langley, BC. He is also author of the Orthodox Bible Companion Series along with a number of other publications.