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Reflections from Fr. Lawrence Farley

Fr. Lawrence Farley

About Fr. Lawrence Farley

Fr. Lawrence serves as pastor of St. Herman's Orthodox Church in Langley, BC. He is also author of the Orthodox Bible Companion Series along with a number of other publications.

“To Thine Own Self Be True”

Many people will (hopefully) identify the above quote as coming from the speech of Polonius in Act 1, Scene 3 of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.  It was part of the fatherly talk he gave to his son Laertes before the boy moved away to university. ...
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Reflections on the Ordination of Deaconess Angelic

       In a recent edition of the “Public Orthodoxy” website (of course; where else?) Dr. Carrie Frost offered some exuberant and triumphant reflections of the recent ordination of the “deaconess” Angelic in Africa.  The recently...
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A Bridge to…Where?

I recently spoke with a dear friend who dolefully reported that a distant family member had left his very traditional Protestant church (with its stress on doctrine and Reformed worship) for a group called “The Bridge”.  The name...
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Ribbon of Darkness

Borrowing the words of an old Gordon Lightfoot song, there hangs a ribbon of darkness over Canada, my home and native land.  The Lightfoot song described the singer’s sadness and grief at the departure of someone loved and needed in his...
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Prayers to the Saints in the Eighth Day

Thousands of years ago when I was an Evangelical Protestant in the Anglican Church, I never prayed to the saints or asked for their intercession.  It was made quite clear to me by those around me that obedient Christians never did that...
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Sojourning in Bethany

It is a wonderful thing to know the Scriptures well, but there is a drawback:  since we know how all the stories end, we can miss the drama inherent in the narrative.  For example, In Luke 7:11f we can read about the grief of the widow...
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A Unified Date for Easter?

As reported in the Byzantine Texas blogsite, the Ecumenical Patriarch is calling for a unified observance of Easter by next year, 2025, to coincide with the 1700th anniversary of the Council of Nicea. In a sermon he said, “We beseech the...
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Is Jesus Divine?

I confess up front that this is a question I never imagined that I would examine in this blog.  I had assumed that Jehovah’s Witnesses and Christadelphians would not be reading No Other Foundation or any Orthodox work, and anyway, such...
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A Judicial Blindness

Ah, England.  I love it:  the home of Shakespeare, the Crown Jewels, London Bridge, Big Ben…and constant ecclesiastical weirdness.  It seems just yesterday that we were treated to the spectacle of two lesbian priestesses exulting over...
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Story and History

When we are reading the literature of the ancient Hebrews (i.e. the Old Testament) it is important to be aware of the kind of glasses we are wearing—that is, we should be aware of the unspoken conceptual presuppositions that we bring to...
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Closing the Doors

In every Orthodox Liturgy there comes a moment when the deacon cries out, “The doors!  The doors!”  This is not (as one parishioner once informed me) the directive to open the Royal Doors of the iconostas, but to make sure that the main...
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Great Lent: “The King in His Beauty”

Now that Great Lent is upon us, the question sometimes arises about where we should put our spiritual focus.  There are two places we should certainly not put our focus—and only one place where we should.       The first and most...
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A “Call of Duty” Spirituality

Presented for your consideration (as Rod Serling used to say):  an old man dressed up as an Orthodox priest-monk who is actually neither priest nor monk, performing outrageous antics both in public and online in a furious attempt to draw...
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Haggai, Being Small in a World of Big

The work of the prophet Haggai is short and easy to miss; it is a mere two chapters in our Bibles sandwiched in between the books of Zephaniah and Zechariah.  If you are flipping quickly through the final pages of the Old Testament he...
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Menstruation and Holy Communion

I remember once when a friend was sharing with me his distress at the liberalism afflicting his Protestant denomination, and the fact that many of their clergy were denying such things as the virgin birth and the divinity of Christ. ...
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