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Reflections from Fr. Lawrence Farley

Fr. Lawrence Farley

About Fr. Lawrence Farley

Fr. Lawrence serves as pastor of St. Herman's Orthodox Church in Langley, BC. He is also author of the Orthodox Bible Companion Series along with a number of other publications.

Speaking in Tongues

As the pastor of a church community where many of our members are converts from Protestant Evangelicalism, I am sometimes asked about my view of the current Pentecostal practice of speaking in tongues.  What follows is a part of my...
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On Racism and Other Evils

In an interview that was part of the BBC 2005 documentary on Auschwitz there is a chilling interview with a person (then quite old) who took part in the shooting of Jewish men, women, and children in Ukraine.  He said that he felt...
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In Search of Ancient Roots

I have just finished reading a volume published in 2017 entitled, In Search of Ancient Roots:  The Christian Past and the Evangelical Identity Crisis by the Presbyterian author Kenneth J. Stewart.  Dr. Stewart is, as the title of his...
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An Offensive Invitation?

I am told on good authority that it is offensive to invite people of other religions to convert to Christianity.  Thus it is offensive to say to a Jew, “Jesus is the Messiah and the Son of God and so you should be baptized and become a...
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In Praise of Virginity

One is tempted to say that it takes a fair bit of either courage or foolhardiness in our culture to write in praise of virginity.  But virginity is now so misunderstood and undervalued that some words need to be offered to understand it...
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Arguing with Culty Fundamentalists

There are stupider things to do than arguing with a culty fundamentalist.  As the late great Jim Croce reminded us, you don’t tug on Superman’s cape, you don’t spit into the wind, and you don’t pull the mask off the ol’ Lone Ranger. ...
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Scepticism and the Holy Fire

A wise man once said, “What we believe always remains intellectually possible; it never becomes intellectually compulsive.  I have an idea that when this ceases to be so, the world will be ending.”  That is, in this age we walk by faith,...
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Israel in the New Testament – 2

We continue with our study of Israel in the New Testament, including our numeration of points for ease of discussion.6. Though the Jewish Christians (the followers of “the Way” as they were known) were initially regarded as fellow Jews...
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Israel in the New Testament

One occasionally finds people who believe that the Old Testament is a Jewish book written for the Jews, while the New Testament is a Christian book, written for the Christians.  Though this odd popular perception is wrong, one does see...
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Evangelizing the West

The Church has the same task in whatever land it takes root and finds itself, namely that of making disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Trinity, and of teaching them to observe all that Christ commanded.  How it...
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“I Just Had to Pray”

Quiet confession just between us:  nostalgic freak that I am, I still like listening to old songs from the Christian folk group “Children of the Day”.  The group was one of the earliest Jesus People music groups, and consisted of four...
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The Genesis of Liberal Theology

I have been reading liberal theology since my college days—i.e. theologies which deny many, most, or all of the major tenets of the traditional Christian Faith.  The theologies are as many and as varied as their authors, but they all...
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Guts and Perversity

The earliest Church, from the days of the apostles and into the first centuries, had an abundant share of guts and what everyone else regarded as perversity.  Its claims were so outrageous that it was hard for the average Jew or Greek or...
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Reflecting on the Jesus Revolution

I sometimes tell inquirers at St. Herman’s when they ask that I began my Christian life in earnest as a Jesus People—which usually results in blank stares, since most of them are too young to have heard of the cultural phenomenon known...
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The Cult of Bareness

I cannot be the only one who has had the experience of visiting a non-Orthodox church service and finding it stunningly empty and plain.  After long familiarity with Orthodox worship with its icons, incense, candles, vestments, Gospel...
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