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Reflections from Fr. Lawrence Farley

Fr. Lawrence Farley

About Fr. Lawrence Farley

Fr. Lawrence serves as pastor of St. Herman's Orthodox Church in Langley, BC. He is also author of the Orthodox Bible Companion Series along with a number of other publications.

An Orthodox Priest Converts to Islam

Every so often one encounters something that breaks the head as well as the heart.  By that I refer to things that not only wring the heart with grief, but also confound the head because they are so perversely stupid.  One such thing is...
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Was Phoebe a Deaconess?

I am told that during a very interesting and well-run radio show about deaconesses, it was agreed (or at least widely thought) that Phoebe, mentioned famously in Romans 16:1, was a deaconess.  But was she?       By “deaconess” I mean the...
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Seeing the Sea

I have just now finished re-reading the seminal 2007 book The Language of God, written by physician-geneticist and Christian Francis S. Collins, the man under whose leadership the Human Genome was finally mapped in 2003.  It is an...
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Leavening the Lump

I note with no surprise whatsoever the news out of England, which is that the Church of England has decided to bless homosexual partnerships.  Two priestesses, the Rev. Catherine Bond and the Rev. Jane Pearce had their union blessed at...
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Mystical Psalter Volume 2 now available

I am pleased to announce that The Mystical Psalter volume 2 - Psalms 42 - 89 is now available for purchase through Amazon in both paperback and Kindle editions. Like volume 1 of this 3-volume series, it includes an original translation...
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Adorning the Epiphaneia of the King

The feast whose season we now in is called “Theophany” or (in many places) “Epiphany”.  This latter is not so much an English word as it is a transliteration of a Greek word, epiphaneia.  It is often rendered “appearance” in the English...
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The Christmas Genealogy - What's in a Name?

If we Gentile Christians are being honest, we secretly find the opening chapter of Matthew’s Gospel something of a bore.  This Gospel begins by announcing “the book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham”...
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The Mystical Psalter

I am happy to announce that volume one of my brand new book The Mystical Psalter has been published and is available through Amazon.  The book includes a fresh and literal translation of the psalms from the Hebrew, along with comparisons...
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